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Resources for right now
The Global Fleet and MRO Market Forecast, a staple resource of executives working in aerospace and adjacent industries, is out now from Oliver Wyman. Our business experts at Marsh and the Oliver Wyman Forum have been getting a handle on the rapidly evolving risks associated with the metaverse and crypto. Our teams at Mercer are on top of employees’ expectations for flexibility and at Guy Carpenter they are tracking and reporting on the impact of climate change and the recent Turkey earthquakes. Oliver Wyman Health explores whether healthcare may finally regain its footing in 2023, while a group across our businesses has released new data from the Marsh McLennan Flood Risk Index.


Global Fleet and MRO Market Forecast 2023-2033

The latest forecast marks the Oliver Wyman team's 23rd assessment of the 10-year outlook for the commercial airline transport fleet and the associated maintenance, repair and overhaul market.

The year’s research reveals how well aviation managed to perform in 2022, despite a litany of challenges. We’ve essentially moved beyond COVID-19, but if the industry expected 2022 to be a year of unfettered recovery, it was wrong. From Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and rising inflation to ongoing supply chain irregularities and labor shortages that made the industry curtail capacity, 2022 tested aviation’s resilience.

In this year’s report, Oliver Wyman examines and measures the impact of the many mounting pressures facing the industry, insights that should lead to well-informed business decisions and better navigation of the complex economic landscape.

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Beyond Play: As the Metaverse Evolves, Beware of New Risks

Today’s connected world has opened new opportunities for businesses and individuals. The emergence of immersive experiences, such as the metaverse, are taking connectivity to a new level. As technologies — including advances in connectivity speeds, 3D reconstruction, artificial intelligence and augmented or virtual reality — advance, the metaverse is providing new ways to engage users, explore new places and conduct business.

But organizations that have already established or are considering establishing a presence in the metaverse — as are more than a third of our survey respondents — need to think beyond the opportunities and consider the fast-evolving set of risks.

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The Path Forward for Digital Assets and Crypto In 2023

The collapse of FTX in November 2022 put a capstone on a terrible year of failures and lost market value in the world of digital assets. Did this prove that the whole crypto boom was just a speculative bubble or even a scam? Can serious people in finance now disregard the sector?

The short answer is no – and that’s a good thing.

The challenge ahead – for digital asset businesses, investors, developers, policymakers, and consumers – is to focus on that promise, identify and rectify the flaws, and develop rules of the road (both formal and informal) that offer protections for investors and users while fostering truly valuable innovation.

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Must-Do Strategies: Steps to More Flexible Time Off Programs

Work flexibility and time off are more important to employees than ever before. Many employers made changes on the fly to their time-off programs during the pandemic.

Whether you did or didn’t, now is a good time to take stock of your programs and policies and look for opportunities to improve competitiveness and ensure compliance. You should also be prepared to answer questions about a 4-day work week, because if you haven’t gotten them yet, you will!

Meanwhile, before we get sidetracked thinking about ways to spend that extra day off each week, here are four things employers can do to add flexibility to their time-off policies right now.

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Narrowing the Protection Gap: Climate Change and the Public Sector

As our climate continues to change, the number and severity of significant disasters is projected to increase. The disaster burden not only strains individuals, but governments as well. Disaster risk financing and public-private partnerships can open new opportunities to unlock risk capital and expand risk transfer solutions.

Partnering is key for tackling the most pressing challenges of the day and new thinking by insurance professionals, capital providers, policymakers and regulators is needed to create win-win arrangements.

In this episode of Fo[RE]sight, Guy Carpenter experts Joe Becker and Ruth Lux discuss climate change impacts on the public sector, facilitating risk transfer through resilience and how insurance professionals can help address growing protection gaps.

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5 Areas That Will Shape Healthcare in 2023

After three years of upheaval, 2023 may be the year when the healthcare industry regains its footing. Doing so, especially during continued economic uncertainty, will require all parts of the industry pulling in the same direction — whether its further adoption of value-based contracting, more creative use of advanced analytics, or zeroing in on administrative efficiencies.

While predicting the future is always tricky, Oliver Wyman partners issued their 2023 forecast for the industry during two recent webinars. Here are five issues they identified as areas to watch.

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Natural Catastrophes

The CAT Resource Center from Guy Carpenter provides live event, post event, seasonal outlooks and periodic thought leadership regarding natural catastrophes, including hurricanes, winterstorms, wildfires and earthquakes.

Natural Catastrophes

The CAT Resource Center from Guy Carpenter provides live event, post event, seasonal outlooks and periodic thought leadership regarding natural catastrophes, including hurricanes, winterstorms, wildfires and earthquakes.